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The motor vehicle is becoming more complex with advances in vehicle Technology, ranging from Engines, Chassis & Powertrain, Body and Electrical, just to name a few.

How are you going to ensure you are up with the latest trends and advancements in our current vehicle systems?

Auto Tech has been providing after market training to the Automotive Industry since 1986. Our passion is to give you the opportunity to learn and develop your skills and keeping you up to date with access to quality training materials, is more important than ever.

Why is it important to learn new skills and information?

Imagine you have a customer who has the latest model vehicle with a fault and they choose not to take it their local dealership. You now have the opportunity , expertise and confidence to service, and repair a customers vehicle and build that relation ship with them for now and the future. Auto- Tech also gives you the opportunity to meet others in the Automotive industry and build that network that you could call upon.

Auto-Tech Online has been developed to provide our customers with easy access to our range of specialist automotive training products. It’s a One Stop Shop for all your training needs.

Get involved, Enrol now, and be part of the Auto-Tech Network.

Current training topics
and information.

MC2022.1 Hybrid Vehicle Essentials


The future is now here with the world Car Park gradually changing to Alternative powertrains. Hybrid Vehicle numbers are growing everyday and manufacturers will be releasing even more models in Australia this year-and beyond.

Now is the time to increase your Hybrid knowledge and be prepared to correctly and safely service and repair Hybrids.

We will also explain the current federal Standards and Certification requirements for Hybrid and Electric vehicles.

Topics Covered
Current Federal Safety Standards
Competencies Required
12, 24, 36, & 48 Volt Systems
Generator, Alternator & Starter Architectures
Hybrid System Components
Micro, Mild, Full & Plug-In Systems
Various Hybrid Drivetrain Architectures
ICE Engine Technologies
Hybrid Safety – What you don’t touch!
HV Battery Isolation & Depowering
Jump Starting
PHEV Battery Service Charging
Servicing tips for: ICE Engines & Transmissions, Cooling & Braking Systems & Air Conditioning

MC2021.2 Turbo Analysis & Diagnosis


Technicians are all aware that diagnosing and discovering the true cause of Turbo issues are critical when it comes to fixing Forced Induction Systems right the first time.

Join us as we explain both Engine and Turbo mechanical issues, and the procedures to be mindful of when repairing Turbo failures and Boost control issues.

Topics include
  • Failure Diagnosis – Causes and allowable freeplay
  • Fitment procedures and Tips – Checks & inspections
  • Turbocharger Components – Details and differences
  • Oil Consumption Causes – Engine and pressure related
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