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The motor vehicle is becoming more complex with advances in vehicle Technology, ranging from Engines, Chassis & Powertrain, Body and Electrical, just to name a few.

How are you going to ensure you are up with the latest trends and advancements in our current vehicle systems?

Repco Auto Tech has been providing after market training to the Automotive Industry since 1986. Our passion is to give you the opportunity to learn and develop your skills and keeping you up to date with access to quality training materials, is more important than ever.

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Imagine you have a customer who has the latest model vehicle with a fault and they choose not to take it their local dealership. You now have the opportunity , expertise and confidence to service, and repair a customers vehicle and build that relation ship with them for now and the future. Auto- Tech also gives you the opportunity to meet others in the Automotive industry and build that network that you could call upon.

The Auto Store has been developed to provide our customers with easy access to our range of specialist automotive training products. It’s a One Stop Shop for all your training needs.

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MC2020.1 CRD Injector Diagnostics


Common Rail Diesel vehicles are present in many workshops across Australia and despite media reports will continue to be for some time to come. Reaching 25% of the Australian vehicle fleet in 2019, any workshop which is turning away Diesel work is turning away a large section of their market.

In Masterclass 2020.1 CRD Injector Diagnostics, we cover a range of test and diagnostic procedures for CRD Injection systems. Having the full range of diagnostic techniques will enable you to chase down elusive issues even easier. Discussing each method for their Pros & Cons so that you have the right information when back in your workshop.

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Masterclass 2020.1 CRD Injector Diagnostics


Auto-Tech has you covered with Masterclass 2020.1 CRD Injector Diagnostics.

Autopedia and Encyclopedia Members = $109 each (inc GST) + 4th member free!
Standard Ticket = $129 each (inc GST)

MC2020.1 CRD Injector Diagnostics
Topics include
  • CRD Beyond 2020 - What does the future hold for CRD
  • Diesel No start Diagnostics - Requirements and procedures
  • Fuel Injector Diagnostic Techniques - Scan tool data, Back leakage quantity & pressure, Fuel rail pressure analysis & Injection pressure ripples

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